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Nanowerk Nanotechnology Spotlight
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Nanowerk Nanotechnology Spotlight - 4. september 2021

2D Materials cut sharper

Precise patterning of 2D materials is a route to computation and storage using 2D materials, which can deliver potentially better performance and much lower power consumption compared to the technology of today. Researchers now demonstrate an etching process that makes it possible to downsize nanostructures to the 10-20 nm range and obtain smooth edges, sharp corners, and feature sizes significantly below the resolution limit of electron beam lithography. The nanostructured 2D materials can be used themselves or as etch masks to pattern other nanomaterials. [ Čítaj celý článok ]
Nanowerk Nanotechnology Spotlight - 29. august 2021


Hydrogels are fascinating natural or synthetic polymer materials that exhibit very versatile chemistries and physical or biological properties. They are 3D networks of either physically or chemically crosslinked polymers that resemble organic tissues and that can hold large amounts of water within their interlocked molecular network. These soft, translucent materials swell or shrink in response to water absorption or desorption and can hold a large amount of water without losing their structural integrity. [ Čítaj celý článok ]
Nanowerk Nanotechnology Spotlight - 18. august 2021

Intracellular activation of RNA interference upon DNA-driven organization of quantum dot assemblies

In addition to the plethora of functions such as storage of genetic information and regulation of its expression, DNA and RNA are also highly programmable biomaterials. DNA can be utilized to design short complementary sequences to be used as the linkers which bring together and organize other biological and inorganic materials. Quantum dots are one such inorganic candidate. Researchers now utilized DNA for the precise assembly of QDs into larger three-dimensional scaffolds. [ Čítaj celý článok ]
Nanowerk Nanotechnology Spotlight - 11. august 2021

Modulation of negative differential resistance in black phosphorus transistors

Negative differential resistance (NDR), which describes a decrease in electrical current as the applied bias increases, has always been one of the hottest topics in solid-state electronic devices since L. Esaki first demonstrated this phenomenon in heavily-doped Ge p-n junctions in 1958. Researchers now report the modulation of a unique room-temperature NDR effect with high peak current in ambipolar black phosphorus transistors. The simplicity of this structure, combined with the recent progress in scalable production of BP films, makes the BP NDR devices promising for practical electronic applications. [ Čítaj celý článok ]
Nanowerk Nanotechnology Spotlight - 11. august 2021

A ground-breaking modeling toolkit to predict current of new type of memory

Resistive-switching memory (RSM) is an emerging candidate for next-generation memory and computing devices, such as storage-class memory devices, multilevel memories and as a synapse in neuromorphic computing. A significant challenge in the global research efforts towards better energy technologies is efficient and accurate device modeling. Now, researchers have created a new modeling toolkit which can predict the current of a new type of memory with excellent accuracy. [ Čítaj celý článok ]